How to fill out a claim

- if you need treatment for an injury or illness... 

Please remember to enclose a copy of your referral obtained at your physician.

1. Fill out a claim form 

Claims can be filed online in Danish here. Alternatively, fill out the relevant claim form in English:

Claim form - Physiotherapy and psychologist

Claim form - Specialist physician treatment

Claim form - Chiropractor, reflexologist, acupuncture and massage

2. Fill out a consent

We are only allowed to process your claim if we also have your consent. Together with your claim you therefore need to fill out and send us one of the following consents

Consent - adult

Consent - children up to 15 years 

3. Send us your claim and referral

Upload your claim form and signed consent HERE

Mølholm Forsikring
Postbox 262
DK-5100 Odense C

If you have difficulties filling out the claim form, you are welcome to call us on tel. +(45) 6520 2120. Then a nurse will fill out the form for you.

It takes 1-2 weekdays to process your claim. If further information from your physician is required, it may take longer. Subsequently, you receive further information on how you are covered and on treatment or examination booking.

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