Health Insurance

Mølholm Health Insurance
offers you quick treatment

We guarantee that you will be offered examination or treatment within ten working days after we have approved your claim.

Illnesses and diseases requiring specialist treatment are covered by the health insurance - both at work and leisure.

Here are some of your benefits when having a health insurance

  • No requirement of personal health information upon enrolment
  • Coverage of expenses in connection with approved treatment of illnesses comprising examination, scans and surgery at a private hospital or clinic
  • Guaranteed examination/treatment within 10 working days (examination or treatment is initiated max. 10 working days from approval)
  • Rehabilitation subsequent to hospitalisation at a private hospital or clinic when prescribed by a specialist
  • Treatment by physiotherapist, chiropractor, occupational therapist, dietitian, masseur, chiropodist, acupuncturist or psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Substance addiction rehabilitation is covered
  • Insurance amount of up to DKK 1.800.000 per annum (2019)
  • Discount on certain cosmetic surgeries

The full coverage of the health insurance is specified in our insurance conditions. You find them in English here:

Quickguide - Your overview

Health Insurance Business 2020

These insurance terms and conditions are a translation of the Danish insurance terms and conditions. In case of any discrepancy between the Danish and the English terms and conditions, the Danish version applies.

We always advice you to contact us at tel. (+45) 6520 2120 if you have any questions regarding your health insurance.


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